Innovative Workplace Safety Solutions Provider


Innovative Workplace Safety Solutions Provider

Premier PPE Manufacturer

We offer a wide range of products including helmets, goggles, earplugs, gloves, safety shoes, and protective clothing.

Hand Protection
Eye&Face Protection
Foot Protection
Hearing Protection
Respiratory Protection
Body Protection
Head Protection
Fall Protection

CNAS Laboratory

Andanda CNAS laboratory provide strong support for the R&D of core technologies and product quality inspection service. Adhere to independent innovation, set up a multi-faceted compound research and development team, set up related laboratories and talent training bases and other projects.



Performance testing items


Proportion of Master and Ph.D.


About Andanda

Andanda, an innovative work place safety solution provider, offering PPE design, R&D and production. We use our digital technology to empower our customers, and build PPE ecosystem. To meet the various PPE demand, and provide customers with tailored products and customized solutions.

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So far, andanda's products have covered 60 countries and regions around the world

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